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The Perfectionist in Ancient Rome: A Look at the Enneagram Personality Type 1 in Roman History

Updated: May 15, 2023

A Look at the Enneagram Personality Type 1 in Roman History. The Enneagram 1, also known as the Perfectionist, is a personality type that has been observed throughout history, including in ancient Rome. One figure who embodies the characteristics of the Enneagram 1 is Cato the Younger, a Roman statesman and senator known for his strict adherence to principles and sense of moral rectitude.

Cato the Younger was born in 95 BC in Rome and was known for his uncompromising sense of right and wrong. As a senator, he was known for his rigid adherence to traditional Roman values and his fierce opposition to any perceived threats to Roman liberty and autonomy.

As an Enneagram 1, Cato valued perfection and order above all else. He was known for his strict lifestyle and his commitment to living a virtuous and disciplined life. This included his famous quote, "When you wish to rise from the ranks of the many, to the highest rank of all, you must show unblemished integrity, exemplary conduct, and unswerving vigilance."

Cato was also highly critical of himself and others, which led to his reputation as a strict disciplinarian. He believed in holding himself and others to high standards, which made him an effective leader but also a controversial figure in his time.

Despite his rigid adherence to principle, Cato the Younger also recognized the importance of compromise and pragmatism. In his role as a senator, he worked to find common ground with those who held opposing views, recognizing that a willingness to compromise was necessary for the greater good of the Roman Republic.

Cato the Younger is an example of the Enneagram 1 personality type in ancient Roman history. His commitment to principles and values, along with his strong sense of right and wrong, exemplify the qualities of the Enneagram 1. While his rigid adherence to principles led to controversy and criticism, his willingness to compromise and find common ground also demonstrates the potential for growth and development for those with this personality


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