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What is a 2 ¼ handicap and what you don't know about this type of bet

Handicap 2 ¼, also known as Over/Under 2 ¼, is a popular type of betting in online football wagering. This tips asian handicap is introduced when both teams adopt a cautious defensive playing style, and the bookmakers set the odds in such a way that the predicted total score is likely to be less than or equal to 2.

Overview of Handicap 2 ¼

Handicap 2 ¼, or Over/Under 2 ¼, is commonly referred to as Over/Under two and a quarter. This type of handicap has gained popularity in various forms of online football betting, especially when both teams employ a cautious defensive strategy. The bookmakers set the odds in a manner that the predicted total score is expected to be lower than or equal to 2.

Explanation of Handicap 2 ¼

For newcomers to understand Handicap 2 ¼, they must first be aware that it is a form of Over/Under betting. Depending on specific scenarios, players need to employ different methods to analyze bookmakers' odds. Reputable bookmakers provide the following guidelines:

Both teams score under 2 goals:

If both teams score a total of fewer than 2 goals at the end of the match, players who bet on Under will win their full stake, while those who bet on Over will lose.

Total goals exactly 2: