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Enneagram is an ancient system for understanding personality and human behavior that has been adapted and refined over time to become one of the most popular and effective tools for personal growth and development. The modern Enneagram system consists of nine personality types, each with its own unique set of characteristics, motivations, and behavior.​

     TYPE 1

The Perfectionist, or Reformer

Principled, idealistic, and self-controlled

     TYPE 2

      The Helper  

Caring, empathetic, and generous

     TYPE 3

      The Achiever

Ambitious, competitive, and goal-oriented

     TYPE 4

      The Individualist

Sensitive, expressive, and artistic

   TYPE 5

      The Investigator

Analytical, curious, and detached

     TYPE 6

      The Loyalist

Responsible, loyal, and anxious

     TYPE 7

      The Enthusiast

Spontaneous, fun-loving, and adventurous

     TYPE 8

      The Challenger

Assertive, strong-willed, and confrontational

     TYPE 9

      The Peacemaker

Easygoing, harmonious, and conflict-averse

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